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CPA Firms

QuickBooks has been both a boon and a bane to CPA firms as more and more of your clients opt to use this popular and inexpensive software. While QuickBooks is fairly “easy to use” it still takes some accounting knowledge to set up the data file correctly and to use it in the best way to get accurate information. Many clients either do not have enough accounting background, or do not want to pay someone who does, to set up and manage their QuickBooks file. When tax time comes and the client brings their QuickBooks backup file to you as their CPA to use in preparing their taxes, often you or a staff person has to put in significant amounts of time to unravel the information miscoded in QuickBooks.

Anne is available to contract with CPA firms to help your clients get their QuickBooks files in good order. She loves to troubleshoot and clean up messes; thus saving you staff time and bringing you a clean data file for your tax work. Anne can also install your clients' QuickBooks software, set up their data file and train your clients so they can manage their data more effectively; all of which makes it easier for you to provide the services you are best qualified to do for your client.

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