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Tips & Tricks

QuickBooks Tips and Tricks

Category: Menus/Windows

To show the Open Window List:
> Go to View Menu > Open Window List
> Shows you a list of all open windows on the left side of the QuickBooks desktop


To customize the Icon Bar:
> Click on View Menu > Customize Icon Bar
> Choose the content from the list on the left
> Click Add, Edit or Delete buttons on the right
> Click Add Separator button on the right to add a vertical bar between sections

To add the calculator to the Icon Bar:                                    
> Click on View Menu > Customize Icon Bar
> Click the Add button
> Choose “Calculator” from the list in the window that pops up

To add the Memorized Report list to the icon Bar:
> Click on Reports menu > Memorized Reports > Memorized Reports List
> With the Memorized Reports List window open and active:
> Click on View menu > Add “Memorized Report List” to Icon Bar
> Edit the label and icon if you want
> Click OK

If your Icon Bar has too many icons to fit on the screen, go to the double arrow symbol (>>) on the far right, click it and the rest of the icons will show

Delete unused icons to make more space on the Icon Bar

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