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Specializing in
Small Businesses
& Non-Profit




OK, you are not a business, but nobody says you shouldn’t run your organization like a business. Anne White will set up your non-profit accounting on QuickBooks, train your staff on how to use the program most efficiently, and coach you through all of the new IRS rules for 990 forms. Your Board of Directors will appreciate and be thrilled at the easy-to-read reports and the training they can receive in using financial data to assess the sustainability of the organization.

Anne White understands that non-profits have special needs, have foundations and grants that they need to carefully track, and special compliance issues with the IRS and the Department of justice. She knows you have payroll and important income lines to track and manage. QuickBooks can handle all of these specific requirements, but it is important to have someone set it up who knows what they are doing. Anne White has done this for many non-profit organizations, and has lots of experience with many of the permutations of non-profit accounting. She will make sure you are up to date and up to snuff!

“We love the way Anne set up our financial reports so the Board can read and understand them at our monthly board meetings.”
– Linda Elder, Executive Director, Dial-A-Bus.

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