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Tips & Tricks

Keyboard Shortcuts

QuickBooks Tips and Tricks

Ctrl+A – opens the Chart of Accounts

Ctrl+F – opens the Find window

Ctrl+W – opens the Write Checks form

Ctrl+I – opens the create Invoice form

Ctrl+T – opens the Memorized Transactions List

Ctrl+Y – See the accounting behind the scenes


Easy date keyboard shortcuts - these work when your cursor is in a date field
+ - moves you forward one day at a time
- - moves you backward one day at a time
M - moves you to the beginning of the month
H - moves you to the end of the month
Y - moves you to the beginning of the year
R - moves you to the end of the year


Finding Transactions:
Edit>Find>Simple (or) >Advanced: History button – Sales Receipts, Invoices, payments, deposits, bills, bill payments, sales orders, purchase orders
Find button – on all kinds of checks, bills, invoices, sales receipts, sales orders

For Accountants:
F2 key – Closing date exception report

Undo last reconciliation
Finding info on customers, items
Ctrl-L > Ctrl-E
Using this sequence from any list field for Customer Name or Item Code on Invoice or sales receipt, will allow the user to quickly see the details of the Customer or Item (or terms, payment method etc.) without leaving the window that user is in. It does not work with the Vendors List though.

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